We don’t have fancy machines or mirrors to stare at all day, but we do have space, great workouts and likeminded others training here with us! We’re a community and we’re a group of people with one goal in mind: Get fit and healthy, and have fun doing it.


Strata means “a layer or a series of layers, also likened to levels”. A Strata workout is a group training workout, where your body will be pushed to its limits, offering you a full body workout every time. You’ll shred those unwanted layers and reach new levels of fitness with every class you do.


The best thing about StrataFit is that anyone can be a member, and anyone can do it. We run daily group classes at a bunch of time slots - and the workouts are designed to suit any age and absolutely any level of fitness! There are always different movement options, so it doesn’t matter if you haven’t trained like this before.


We do women’s only classes, for the Mums who need an outlet after the morning drop off, or for the ladies who just don't fancy working out around dudes! We've also got an option to tucker the kids out with our FIT KIDS classes, (ages 5-12) to help them blow off all that extra energy.


There’s a bunch of us on the ground here at StrataFit, but your owners and main contacts will be Coach DK (aka Dave) and Suzie.

Dave has been working in the fitness industry for over 8 years as a personal trainer, taking group classes, one on ones and corporate businesses within the CBD. He's our head coach and programmer, and he’s developed his own unique programme incorporating full body, functional movements, to better prepare you for everyday life.

Suzie takes on more of a behind the scenes role here and will be on the end of any email or enquiry you need to fire our way. She’s also takes some of our Ladies classes, is a personal trainer, and in-house wannabe photographer.

You’ll also quickly meet our experienced coaching team – Trumaine, James, Lubos, Gene, Steve and Louise – who will help us to support you on your fitness journey. We all do the exact same workouts that you do, so we know exactly how it feels!