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Due to high demand, we run continuous Ladies Challenges throughout the year. Click through below and sign up to get started at any time!

Are you ready to make a difference to your wellness and everyday life? ✓
Are you looking to shed a few extra kilos?✓
Or are you wanting to tone up and look leaner and fitter than ever before?✓

Choose from either 9.30am or 6pm classes three days a week.

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You’ll improve your overall wellness, in both mind set and body confidence and shape a new path to a healthy lifestyle.

You’ll become fitter by focusing on low impact exercises designed to lengthen, strengthen and tone key areas, all whilst enjoying your workouts with other likeminded ladies.

You’ll get to know our 3 Ladies coaches Trumaine, James and Suzie throughout your challenge.


  • 3x specific ladies’ group personal training sessions a week.

  • Before and after measurements and weigh ins.

  • Your choice of 2 different nutritional plans and guidance.

  • Online and in-house support from our coaches.

  • The chance to reshape a lifestyle that is maintainable and achievable to continue.

Chose from the below class times for up to 3 session a week:

Monday - 9.30am OR 6pm

Wednesday - 9.30am OR 6pm

Friday - 9.30am OR Saturday - 9.30am

For more information feel free to get in touch by email, or contact our Ladies Coach and Operations Manager, Suzie on 021671802.


Terms and Conditions

Although the StrataFit coaches take all precautions necessary, participation in this activity does involve risk of injury. The StrataFit business, owners and employees cannot be held accountable for any injury that could occur from participating in our classes. Please understand the risks involved in exercising at StrataFit and that choosing to participate is voluntary. A Ladies 6 Week Challenge and Membership allows you to attend up to 3 Ladies classes per week. If you wish to add in more StrataFit classes, you will need to upgrade to an Unlimited Membership. At any time do you not agree with, or feel comfortable doing a particular activity, please advise the coach immediately and we can discuss an alternative movement. If you wish to cancel during the challenge, StrataFit requires 10 working days’ notice.